Sunday, 5 January 2014

My Favorite Lipstick : Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Top Tomato (A Review)

I just like to share this lipstick that I just recently discovered. I've been looking for a red lipstick that will suit my routine as a busy working mom. As you know, I don't always have the time to do retouch. Anyways, I only wear lipstick and brow liner on my face (aside from the moisturizer) and nothing else. I don't feel complete without them.

One time, I had a chat with a colleague in the washroom. I saw her brushing her teeth as a usual routine and then I observed her lipstick doesn't go away while brushing. So out of curiosity, I asked her what she wears and told me that it was Revlon ColorStay Ultimate and emphasized NOT JUST COLORSTAY, its ULTIMATE!

Since I still have my Mary Kay Lipstick in Red Salsa that I also love, though does not stay that long, I wait until my old lipstick almost run out and then I buy this Revlon.

When I first used it, since it was liquid and need to wait for it to dry, some of it stained my teeth that I need to removed it thoroughly with a tissue, if it still wet and I smiled in the mirror. If you happen to exceed a little lipstick on your lips, it is really difficult to remove it so be very careful and remove it immediately before it totally dries up. Since the lipstick can last absolutely the whole day with a very very minimal, or almost no touch ups, at night when you sleep, you might need to have a good make up remover that does not dry your lips to removed it. You can also use petroleum jelly to removed it. I tried removing it by brushing my lips with my toothbrush and the lipstick stained my toothbrush and its really hard to remove it so I just dispose my toothbrush!

I also observed that when I ate very oily food, the lipstick fade a little specially in the area near my mouth or in the middle. And leave my lips as if I'm wearing a lip liner.

You can also top it with you favorite lip gloss to may it shiny.

So far, this is my favorite lip stick and my favorite shade will always be red ... :)

My red lips :)