Thursday, 27 October 2011

What's inside my "TOOL CASE" :)

I just want to share what' inside my survival kit.
Well every girl usually carry these gadgets wherever they go and just can't live without them.
They're girls best friend aside from diamonds :)
For me, these are the things that I really need and just can't do without.

Lip balm - I use Lipice. I love it when it changes its color when I applied it. Bought it at Watson's
Eye Liner - I use proof 10 auto pencil. Bought it at Etude. I like it because its waterproof and I don't need to  sharpen it. I apply it on my eye lids. :)
Brow Liner - Well I can say I can't leave house without this. I have a very thin and not so defined eyebrow. I just bought this in a flea market. As far as I can remember, this just cost around 15php .. :)
Face powder - from Maybelline. Rarely use this cause I just always don't put some powder on my face. But when I do, this is my personal choice.
Toothbrush and Toothpaste - Well this is a must. A fresh breath never fail to give an impression that your always fresh hehehehe..
Blush-On - I choose a mineral make up from Avon. I think this is good for the skin. I just use this after using a face powder. It's great that the applicator and the powder is already together and ready to use.
Hair Shine - I've been using this for years and it's really great. This gives my hair an instant shine and smoothness.
What's missing??? A comb! I don't have it since my hair is permed and I'm prohibited from combing it.

Well this is just all I got.
What's yours? :)

Monday, 17 October 2011

Digiperm Experience with Mr. Shin - Not Mine

I had been planing to have my hair permed again. Unfortunately, this can't be possible since I need to prepare and treat my hair to make it stronger and healthier.

Last Saturday, as usual I got my weekly session with Dermaestetique for my lipo session with Kaye.
After the lipo session, I accompanied her to Beautybrick in Makati.

We had been seeing a lot of good feedback from different blogs regarding the service and results and we're pretty convinced that this is a really nice salon to go.

Upon arriving at the salon, we were impressed by the salon's design, its cute :)   

Wall painting was very nice! We were surprised that Mr. Shin actually painted it. :)

So much for the salon's interior, here's the photos taken during the whole process

 1. The usual process of hair cleaning, shampooing. :)

 2. Hair assessment of Mr. Shin. He'll check the most appropriate curl type for you as well as the treatments needed to address hair damage.

 3. Application of 1st of medicine. This actually took I guess around 15 minutes.
 4. Hair washing and preparation for the curling process
5. Setting of curls.
 6. Going to the digiperm machine.

 7. Removal of perm rods and application of 2nd set of medicine.
 8. Hair drying after the washing from the 2nd medicine set
The final output!!

Beautybrick is located at Dona Consolacion Bldg. Jupiter Street, Makati.
Please call them for reservations. :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Just Lovin' My New Shoes

Just last Sunday, I had my Lipo Cavitation Session at Manila.
Kaye and I were the usual companions in this beautification project :)
Since her birthday was approaching really soon, she has to buy new outfit in preparation for the big day.
So as usual I go with her and decide togo shopping too :)

We just past by one of the shoe stops there in Robinsons Galeria and spoted this shoe.
I really like it from the very first time that we met.. hehehe..
I can hear her calling my name ang pleasing me to buy her.. hehehehe.
But then I left her trying to find another pair which might be more appropriate for me...

But at the end of the day, were still meant to be.
I bought her..

Here she is..

Super Like !!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Time to shift my career??

On my last post, I describe shortly my job and what I do.. But on this article, I'll discuss what else can I do.
Is this a call for a career shift..?
Last Saturday, I visited my friend K in her office.
She was very envious of my curly hair.. hahahaha.. :)
She had a curly hair before and I really liked it, she's one of the reasons why I decided to curl my hair..
Them some troubles happen to her hair during her last perm and made her decide to just cut her hair and straight it everyday.. :(
She told me that she just missed the old days when she had a long curly hair..
Luckily I just brought my curling iron and decided to restyle her short, layered hair.

Tanan!! the final product!!

If I only knew that this will happen, I should have taken her a picture before our beautification session.. hahahaha..

Anyway, what can you say??

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Once in My Lifetime Experience

Last 2010, I was involved in a very very stressful and challenging project. To give an idea on what my job is, I an heavily involved in Audits (a systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining audit evidences to determine to which and audit criteria is fulfilled - ISO). To make it simpler, this is conducted to check if the organization is following its defined procedure (internal audits) and/or if the organization is following the international standard such as ISO(external). Hope I described it simpler. Though there are several types and levels of audit but I will not dwell on that.

Since, this is the kind of job that I have, I was tasked to prepare our company for our country quality award. According on the trainings and orientations that I have attended, this was similar to the US Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Awards also similar to other countries national quality award.. Hence country name+Quality Award as the formula.

To make it short, we joined the Philippine Quality Award. Really difficult and challenging preparation. Preparations are stressful since not only the documentation needs to be prepared, but also the awareness of the employees and preparedness of every department.

I almost thought of just giving up because of stress. But in the end, it was very fulfilling moment.
We are then invited to Malacanan Palace to get our award from of course the President of the Philippines.
(Wish I was a VP or CEO to personally shake hands with him.. hehehe)

As a reward of our hard work, we then had a photo shoot with the President of the Philippines.
Group Picture with President Aquino

Me, holding the award

Our Team
Truly, hard work and perseverance paid off beautifully. Thanks to those who trust us that we can make it.