Friday, 24 February 2012

Swatch Touch - a simple gift for myself :) (Swatch Touch Review)

Last February 4,2012, my husband and I went to a mall somewhere in Alabang. We passed by Swatch stall and noticed this watch..
I actually don't have any plans on buying this watch but I really like to have a silicone or plastic strapped watch because I usually have metal watches.
So when I saw this, it just captures me and feel like buying it for myself.

**This is s review for Swatch Touch**

Swatch Touch is made by Swatch Swiss watch company. This is a digital watch, having no hands nor any mechanical parts that ticks. Instead, it is digitally operated via its touch screen interface which lets users to modify its settings and operate it.
For its material composition, the watch itself is made of plastic and the straps are made of silicone with notches on its back giving extra grip on your skin especially if you are sweaty like me. As for my experience and observations, the touch screen is protected by a screen surround which is somewhat elevated by a few millimetres. Some dirt got captured by its edges due to the elevation

When you heard of a touch screen device, you usually think that all part of its screen are touch sensitive. But for Swatch Touch, only the bottom portion of its screen is touch sensitive. It has three buttons to control. To activate it, you need to touch the left and right screen buttons and then the middle button is used to set it like an "OK" button. To access the features, you have to scroll it sideways. I actually experience difficulty in setting this watch that I just let it in the Time 1 Zone all the time.

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Packaging also adds appeal to buyers. It is enclose in a plastic box like this one with a Swatch engrave on its sides.

Features of this watch includes:
Time 1 and 2, which lets you have 2 time zones

For the cost, I bought this for Php 6,000. I think, its features and being "touch screen" makes this expensive.

As you can see in the picture on the right side, the biggest number is the second, left digit is the hour ans right is the minute. the three bars below is where you will control it.

For my overall experience, I think this is a good watch, though its really hard to control and access the features. I also think not all watch users really use the features of this watch. like for example the alarm clock  which most of us uses our cell phones as an alarm in the morning which is much practically easier to set, use and reliable. The beep of this watch is not loud enough to wake me up in the morning :)
Although this watch really looks great and a lot of my peers noticed it, I still think there are a lot more watches out there that looks good but not as expensive as this one.

To add in this review, the touch screen buttons of my NEW watch is not functioning since the last 3 days that I tried to activate it. I actually activated the touch screen since Feb 11 and never activate it anymore. :(
I'm going to bring this watch today at Swatch Stall where I bought it :(

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