Sunday, 1 January 2012

Nailaholics - Hand and Foot Package Experience, Something new before 2011 ends

Last January 2011, I planned on trying a body scrub session. This was really new to me since I never tried having this in a spa.. But before 2011 ends, I also end up doing something not so far from what I planned - a hand and foot spa session.
From the outside

I searched for a good spa within our area (Laguna, Philippines) for a good spa. I feel like NAILAHOLIC maybe a good spa to have this experience.

The place looks so inviting for me. Seems I can really relax at this place.

I availed their new service, Moroccan treatment (if I remembered it right :) ), hand and foot spa which also includes manicure and pedicure. Well I guess I need that too since I don't usually have my hands and feet mani or pedi cured, I just trim my nails!

Whats with this Moroccan Treatment?
- this includes, scrub, mud wrap, Moroccan oil massage, manicure and  pedicure
- price: around 1000+ (I forgot the exact price)

Now let me share my experience:

My feet were soaked in a solution (not sure what it was)
Scrub up to just below my knee
Mud wrap - a cold and relaxing wrap
Oil Massage

The same thing applied to my hands up to my arms.
I just wasn't able to take pictures of it :(

For me, the spa is good and relaxing but the manicure and pedicure, not so good that I actually repeat my nail polish when I got home :(
My nails were not as clean as I expect it since their name is "Nailaholics" they must be very expert on nail cleaning, nail arts, nail polish.
My expectations were not met :(
So for me, this was not really worth the fee.
Maybe it defends on the branch.

Hope you'll never have the same experience that I had.