Monday, 23 January 2012

Achieving my New Year's Resolution- A Slimmer Body: 2. Healthy Living, Healthy Diet : Whole Wheat Cereal + Low Fat Milk

Eating right and eating healthy is also important in achieving my goal this year.
Though exercise really improves and tones our body, a good diet is also necessary.

I’ve realized that no matter how much I exercise if I’m not eating right, I will not really achieve my goal.
So I started to eat a lot of veggies and fruits every day.
I also cut my meals at dinner.

A lot of people says that eating less at dinner will also keep you fit.
This is because our body is going into the rest or sleep mode that it cannot digest the same way as it did the day time.
For my diet, I usually eat late for my breakfast. Almost lunch that its already brunch. I eat usually 9-10 in the morning for my brunch. I don’t have any morning snacks.

And the afternoon by 2-3, I eat my afternoon snacks.
At dinner, I usually eat a lot..But that’s before I decided to have a diet.
Now I eat less. What I have for dinner is just about some whole wheat cereals and low fat milk with some veggies and sometimes, fruits.
I don’t know  if this will work for me because it’s difficult to really follow on  a strict diet.

I’m into this Whole Wheat Cereal and Low fat milk diet at night.
I can’t follow its recommendation to have it at breakfast.
In its packaging it promises "show your shape in 14days"
But that's if you eat this at breakfast and dinner in which its kinda difficult for me.

I think, even if you're not into this type of diets, you'll still loose even an inch if you just cut your meal even a little during dinner. :)

Any ways, I hope this will help me achieve my goal this year.


  1. Mommies G. try to eat just brussel sprouts for your dinner. Also choose sweet potato instead of mashed potato or white rice. It's good and effective. ;-)

  2. I agree with your article content. Healthy lifestyle also starts with a healthy diet. Actually diet is allowed, but the important thing is that the diet of a healthy diet that is not harmful to our health. Good luck..:)

  3. Exercise, discipline, willingness and determination are one of the key as well... Keep it up!!!! Have the best and slimmer year!! Smile!!

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