Sunday, 8 January 2012

Achieving my New Year's Resolution- A Slimmer Body: 1. A very good running shoe: Skechers Resistance Runner PRO RESISTANCE Shape Ups

Last year, I set a goal for my self that I should have at least 27" waistline. Unfortunately, that did not happen. But, I was able to loose around 5lbs and I think I improved my body size since I was able to wear some of my old and favorite clothes before I got pregnant. :)
If you may ask, this might be because of a little excersice, which started around mid-October, some little and not so strict diet, and some advanced science through a series of lipo-cavitation and radio frequency treatments which my consitent weekly sessions started by October.
Before 2011 ends, I decided to really achieve the dream body I always wanted.
I also realized that lipo-caviation sessions will not work as effective as you expect if you won't really exert the effort to exercise and diet. So I decided to focus on one physical activy that I am capable of. I was not really a sporty person but I guess, running really fits anyone. (just seek medical advise if you are undergoing some medications)
Actually, last November, I looked for a good running shoes. I saw this Skechers Resistance Runner PRO RESISTANCE . I wasn't really into buying this one but I thought that this will push me to run because if I don't use this shoe, its just a waste of money.. (that's my motivation..hehehe :) )
I saw this shoe in SM dept. store in Sta. Rosa Laguna. I actually don't have any idea on how much this cost that I actually fit all their shape up shoes in the display rack!
When we're about to pay at the cashier, it was a whooping PHP5800++  !!(I was not sure of the exact price, I already forgot :) ) Leaving us no choice to buy it, hehehehe.. But I was happy for it :)

Now let me share my experience with this shoe.
Actually, its really comfortable to wear.
It looks like an ordinary shoe, unlike the other shape up shoes from skechers, this don't have a very noticeable inclined sole.
For me, it makes me accelerate better because it push you to move forward.
I like the tongue lock - it holds the tongue in place :)
Just one cons, after a long run, my right foot just felt a little pain. not sure if this was shoe related or me, just not knowing how to run properly. hehehe :) My gym instructor said it was just me.
Anyway, overall this was good shoe.
I also asked my instructor if it really help tone/shape up one's body.
He said yes.. (I'm glad that he says YES because if not, I will just realized it wasn't worth the price!)
It really help shape up because it helps you move forward because of the shoe design, making you run more and helps in better body position.


  1. woww...

    Good luck for your resolution..
    i hope you keep healthy..

  2. Good luck cheqno..I want to join too..hehe


  3. Very nice shoes. I like the your resolution.SMSF