Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Manila Ocean Park - Family Day :)

It has been a very busy month for me that I was not able to share this experience that happen a month ago.
Together with my family and friends, we visited Manila Ocean Park.
This is my first time to be in that place. I am so excited that my son, Gareth, will be able to see how the fishes swim no mater how big or small they are.
Manila Ocean Park is the first marine-themed park in the Philippines. It houses exciting, enticing and enriching marine life attractions that are truly at par with Asia's best. It somehow teaches us about marine life and the importance of conserving the environment.

We avail a promo which is includes:
Marine Life Shows
Fish Spa
Musical Fountain Show

Below are the picture taken using my not so good cellphone camera but I hope you'll appreciate and enjoy it.

This photos are taken from the Oceanarium. There a a lot of fishes but this one really amaze me because they bury themselves in the sand. I forgot what they are called :)

Picture taking with the Sharks Part 1
Gareth's really hungry and can't wait to have his milk. So i grab the opportunity to take this picture with the sharks while feeding him and he's behave.. :)

Picture taking with the Sharks Part 2

 Its a really tiring day. So we just lay Gareth with the sharks.. Looks like he's really enjoying it. :)

  Stingrays... There's a lot of it. And its not just a stingray, its a very big stingray!!

Well, its really a good place to go. i just wasn't able to post other pictures from the other shows.
I really like the Jellies, though they're not that much, I like them because they glow in the dark and the room was indeed very dark.

Marine Life Show - this amaze me especially when the sea lions started their shows and wow, unbelievable, they really do a lot of tricks!

Musical fountain Show - amazing lights and fountain.. very colourful!

I'll be uploading some of our pictures when I have time..(well, hope I will)



  2. wonderful charm of the sea. let alone a walk with family

  3. Hey ocean park! We went there last year at October and the sea lions were so damn funny:)