Thursday, 27 October 2011

What's inside my "TOOL CASE" :)

I just want to share what' inside my survival kit.
Well every girl usually carry these gadgets wherever they go and just can't live without them.
They're girls best friend aside from diamonds :)
For me, these are the things that I really need and just can't do without.

Lip balm - I use Lipice. I love it when it changes its color when I applied it. Bought it at Watson's
Eye Liner - I use proof 10 auto pencil. Bought it at Etude. I like it because its waterproof and I don't need to  sharpen it. I apply it on my eye lids. :)
Brow Liner - Well I can say I can't leave house without this. I have a very thin and not so defined eyebrow. I just bought this in a flea market. As far as I can remember, this just cost around 15php .. :)
Face powder - from Maybelline. Rarely use this cause I just always don't put some powder on my face. But when I do, this is my personal choice.
Toothbrush and Toothpaste - Well this is a must. A fresh breath never fail to give an impression that your always fresh hehehehe..
Blush-On - I choose a mineral make up from Avon. I think this is good for the skin. I just use this after using a face powder. It's great that the applicator and the powder is already together and ready to use.
Hair Shine - I've been using this for years and it's really great. This gives my hair an instant shine and smoothness.
What's missing??? A comb! I don't have it since my hair is permed and I'm prohibited from combing it.

Well this is just all I got.
What's yours? :)


  1. Aside from the things that you've mentioned...I never forget to bring moist wipes (Cottonelle individually wrap) and also my toothpick case because my hubby always ask me after he eat. :-)

  2. hadir..!
    ditunggu real backnya..!!
    n salam bloger Indonesia

  3. haha! we're almost the same. except for the eye liner and brow liner =)

  4. hey! isn't that toothbrush too big? lol! got something for you, girl! i hope you find time to check it out right HERE!

  5. congrats you won an award in my blog, pls visit me

  6. toothpaste and toothbrushes are also there in my bag too, when I was about to leave for work :)
    BlogS of Hariyanto

  7. :) I think girls do the same... Here's mine...