Sunday, 9 October 2011

Time to shift my career??

On my last post, I describe shortly my job and what I do.. But on this article, I'll discuss what else can I do.
Is this a call for a career shift..?
Last Saturday, I visited my friend K in her office.
She was very envious of my curly hair.. hahahaha.. :)
She had a curly hair before and I really liked it, she's one of the reasons why I decided to curl my hair..
Them some troubles happen to her hair during her last perm and made her decide to just cut her hair and straight it everyday.. :(
She told me that she just missed the old days when she had a long curly hair..
Luckily I just brought my curling iron and decided to restyle her short, layered hair.

Tanan!! the final product!!

If I only knew that this will happen, I should have taken her a picture before our beautification session.. hahahaha..

Anyway, what can you say??


  1. you look different with those curls. :) very nice! :)

  2. haha..wanted to curl my hair too. :)

  3. Well, You look great...and I can say that you did a good job. :-)

  4. @Ayielle and Sam- this is not me, its my friend :)
    @Clik tikah - I am thinking about it, from being an auditor to being a hair stylist hahahaha :)
    @Mai Yang - I'll curl your hair :)
    Thanks for the comments!

  5. You loks very beautifull!!!
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