Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Once in My Lifetime Experience

Last 2010, I was involved in a very very stressful and challenging project. To give an idea on what my job is, I an heavily involved in Audits (a systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining audit evidences to determine to which and audit criteria is fulfilled - ISO). To make it simpler, this is conducted to check if the organization is following its defined procedure (internal audits) and/or if the organization is following the international standard such as ISO(external). Hope I described it simpler. Though there are several types and levels of audit but I will not dwell on that.

Since, this is the kind of job that I have, I was tasked to prepare our company for our country quality award. According on the trainings and orientations that I have attended, this was similar to the US Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Awards also similar to other countries national quality award.. Hence country name+Quality Award as the formula.

To make it short, we joined the Philippine Quality Award. Really difficult and challenging preparation. Preparations are stressful since not only the documentation needs to be prepared, but also the awareness of the employees and preparedness of every department.

I almost thought of just giving up because of stress. But in the end, it was very fulfilling moment.
We are then invited to Malacanan Palace to get our award from of course the President of the Philippines.
(Wish I was a VP or CEO to personally shake hands with him.. hehehe)

As a reward of our hard work, we then had a photo shoot with the President of the Philippines.
Group Picture with President Aquino

Me, holding the award

Our Team
Truly, hard work and perseverance paid off beautifully. Thanks to those who trust us that we can make it.


  1. Congrats! Thanks for the visit. Hope we could exchange link. I am abie.

  2. You're an internal auditor pala ate? :)

  3. congratulations! :) I'm a bit jealous. But I'll promise to myself that I will someday be able to meet our president personally. :) Congratulations, again! :)

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  7. wow! congratulations! you did a good job! :)

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  9. ok!
    I've heard of ISO certification before,
    and know that its a collaborative effort..

    Was it a success getting the certification?
    probably a good score too considering that you got invited to the Malacanan.

  10. once in a lifetime experience indeed! way to go, girl! left you some love!

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  11. WOW! IM SO PROUD OF YOU! :) I definitely agree sa sinabi mo na *Truly, hard work and perseverance paid off beautifully. Thanks to those who trust us that we can make it.*

    amazing. :)

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  14. COngratulaltion for great and hard work, you all deserve it