Monday, 10 October 2011

Just Lovin' My New Shoes

Just last Sunday, I had my Lipo Cavitation Session at Manila.
Kaye and I were the usual companions in this beautification project :)
Since her birthday was approaching really soon, she has to buy new outfit in preparation for the big day.
So as usual I go with her and decide togo shopping too :)

We just past by one of the shoe stops there in Robinsons Galeria and spoted this shoe.
I really like it from the very first time that we met.. hehehe..
I can hear her calling my name ang pleasing me to buy her.. hehehehe.
But then I left her trying to find another pair which might be more appropriate for me...

But at the end of the day, were still meant to be.
I bought her..

Here she is..

Super Like !!


  1. followed yeah MommyG...HOPE you could follow me back. have a nice day ahead...

    love the shoes...

    dropping some ♥

    here's my url

  2. nice shoes! i love flats too. i love wearing them so i could walk faster haha.. :)

  3. If it's meant to's meant to be right! I bet you’re enjoying them now. Dropped you $:-).

  4. looking so gorges and so comfy mommy G... I also like wearing flats...

    Care to exchange links?

  5. GR8 TASTE U GOT.GOD BLESS,Tremendously.

  6. cute sya and looks comfy. i'm more of a wedge fan than flats, but if i'd get one, i'd go for something like this too :)

    ps: i left you some love here ;)

  7. nice shoes can i borrow it? lol

  8. Hello mama g! Sori now lang nakapagblog hop dito. visiting you more often now. Muah. Lovin this shoes too! super kikay!

  9. Mama G, visit you here :-) have a great day!