Monday, 17 October 2011

Digiperm Experience with Mr. Shin - Not Mine

I had been planing to have my hair permed again. Unfortunately, this can't be possible since I need to prepare and treat my hair to make it stronger and healthier.

Last Saturday, as usual I got my weekly session with Dermaestetique for my lipo session with Kaye.
After the lipo session, I accompanied her to Beautybrick in Makati.

We had been seeing a lot of good feedback from different blogs regarding the service and results and we're pretty convinced that this is a really nice salon to go.

Upon arriving at the salon, we were impressed by the salon's design, its cute :)   

Wall painting was very nice! We were surprised that Mr. Shin actually painted it. :)

So much for the salon's interior, here's the photos taken during the whole process

 1. The usual process of hair cleaning, shampooing. :)

 2. Hair assessment of Mr. Shin. He'll check the most appropriate curl type for you as well as the treatments needed to address hair damage.

 3. Application of 1st of medicine. This actually took I guess around 15 minutes.
 4. Hair washing and preparation for the curling process
5. Setting of curls.
 6. Going to the digiperm machine.

 7. Removal of perm rods and application of 2nd set of medicine.
 8. Hair drying after the washing from the 2nd medicine set
The final output!!

Beautybrick is located at Dona Consolacion Bldg. Jupiter Street, Makati.
Please call them for reservations. :)


  1. i curl my hair on my own coz i hate waiting in the saloon

  2. Cute locks! :) bagay! :) very pretty!

  3. Very good salon and nice new look! But I live too far away from this place to be able to attend :(

  4. You look great with those curls :)

  5. look nice activity.this so fun..

  6. hi :) gaano kahaba yung hait mo before the digi perm? can you post some pics prior to the digi perm? papa-digi perm din sana ako kaya lang i'm not sure kung tama na yung haba at kapal ng hair ko. thanks :)

    1. Hi Tam, Sorry i wasn't reagularly visitng the comments e. To those who posted their comments, thanks a lot.
      Anyway. lampas sa bra hair ko before. tpos after ng perm umikli ng mga 3 inches.please visit my other post digital perm at beauty brick salon with mr. shin for the pictures before and after. thanks

  7. How I wish my experience was same as yours. Mine turned out bad. I availed the digiperm service of EdwinLisa Salon at their JP Rizal branch in Makati using the Metrodeal voucher. It was a total of almost 6hrs of procedure and it cost me 4k (incl. root color, treatment, half rebond) but the result was frustrating. I was told that I’m okay to leave even if my hair was still dripping wet and was applied with 10-12pumps of curling lotion. When my hair finally dried, it was so stiff and heavy. My hair looked so messy and frizzy. I don’t know what to do with my hair now, I even messaged the fb page of EdwinLisa but they did not reply. I had my digiperm at a Korean Salon last year but the result was beautiful and it even cost me less (ensogo voucher 1.8k only).