Sunday, 25 September 2011

Battle of the 3-in-1 Coffee

Different variants of coffee are very popular nowadays.
You can even find a lot of Coffee Shops everywhere.

On this article, I will not review coffee from these shops such as Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Gloria Jeans, etc.. Instead I will be reviewing instant coffee.
Why? because this is readily available especially at offices.
Employees need not to go out or order  and wait for the delivery. Especially when they need to immediately fight sleepiness. :)
Here are some of the instant 3-in-1 coffee that I reviewed:

Kopiko Brown - sweet, mild coffee flavor creamy

Great Taste White coffee - not too sweet but smooth and so creamy

Great Taste Original - creamy yet not so sweet, almost strong coffee taste

Great Taste Brown Coffee - smells like caramel, some coffee taste, creamy

Nescafe ice Mocha - hm mm creamy with mild taste of mocha

Necafe ice Cappuccino - creamy, can't feel the taste of coffee, for me its too mild

Nescafe Brown and Creamy Coffee -mild sweetness and creaminess.

Nescafe Sweet and Mild - too sweet yet not that smooth

Nescafe Original - not sweet and not so smooth and creamy.

SanMig Original Coffee - fair coffee and creamer taste, just add a little water coz this is 14g only

So far, these are all the instant coffee that I've tried and tasted.
For me, Great Taste is the best! (as of now :) )
Still gotta try other brands. I'll post another update on my coffee experience :)

Other pictures later :)


  1. come to lampung... try my coffee.. pure coffe...

  2. haha i love this post. my favorite is the kopiko brown coffee

  3. nice to have a cup of cofee -_-