Wednesday, 31 August 2011

some things are not meant to happen :(

Last month, I post something about my dream vacation to Palawan.
That article includes my preparation and how excited I am.
But some things are not meant to happen. :(
Tommorow was supposed to be our flight to Puerto Princessa Palawan. But due to some unforseen events, that will never push through... :'(
I felt sad, but thats it, decission was already made.
And now, I have again to wait for at least 6 months to set our vacation again.
We'll I hope this time, it will happen.
Its just good that we haven't had our hotel reservations yet and I still don't have that flat tummy..hehehe :)



  1. hello their, nice personal blog you have, i am thinking you might like to exchange link with me so that i can visit you everyday, visit me here

  2. that's alright, there's always a next time :) and yeah, that gives you more time to exercise and diet (i should know because that's one of my requirements in a vacation too ... a flat tummy!)

    see you around !