Friday, 12 August 2011

My Crazy Hair Story

I had a very straight hair all my life. As my friends say, the perfect long straight hair. But why do people always want what they don’t have..? Girls with wavy hair wanted it to be perfectly straight and girls with a perfectly straight hair want some wavy or curly hair. For me, it’s simply because I’m so used on what I have, so used on the hair style that I see every day. I have been dreaming to have this curly hair since when I was pregnant. And I told myself that I have to make my hair perm before I came back from my maternity leave. But this did not happen. A lot of things need to be considered, because I am breastfeeding. Until just a few months ago, my office mate came, having a nicely curled hair. Then my dream of having a curly hair came to my mind again. In short, I envied her. I passed by a beauty store. Then I saw different types of curling iron. I purchased one and then ask the sales lady on that hair product I can use to make the curls stay in my hair longer. Then she gave me one, Curl Defining Milk. I’m so excited to curl my hair and have a curly hair going to the office. The following morning, I wake up early, as in as early as 3am vs. my wake up time of 5:30 AM. I did my normal routine. But after taking a bath, I dried my hair thoroughly. Then apply the product on my hair. And then curl it. This is the first time that I did this. And as a result, it didn’t gone well, the curls don’t seem nice. It looked terrible. And to add, I came to the office a hour late. L

My office mate, Jen told me that it is just fine for an amateur stylist J and that I have to practice and practice. Until I learned how to curl with the use of a curling iron.. But the time came that I became tired of doing it, even on the lunch time when the lights are off. And the curls don’t stay on my hair after office hours, even if apply some product on my hair. When I came home, it just looked messy. L
Last June, I was just browsing over the net for some place to stay when going to our vacation place. Until I saw the promo on DIGITAL HAIR PERM. So I think not just twice, maybe 10 times. Because there might be some possibilities of having my hair damaged, or the chemicals won’t stay on my hair, etc. But I told myself, I’ll never know unless I try. So I go for it and purchased the discount voucher and called the salon for a reservation on July 1.
Came July 1, I was so excited to have the curling process completed. The stylist asked me if I just like a not so tight curl and I said yes. It took me 5 hours on the salon. After the process, they put some L’Oreal Mousse on my hair and told me not to wash it for 24-48hrs. L
The following morning, I need to go to the office. So just not to ruin my hair, I went there without washing my hair. L this is the first time I did this L
And then I wait until I can now wash my hair. After the first time I washed my hair, I became straight, just the way it used to be. And I’m so prostrated and so sad that I want to go back to that salon. Another friend of mine, Kaye, who always have the same hair treatment told me the secret, it just on the way the hair dried, you need to scrunch your hair on the towel, plus of course the application of a mousse and never comb the hair. I followed her and I think it works. I did this every time I don’t have the time to set my hair. Another technique is to wash my hair over the night, dry it and set it with some curling rod and then on the next morning, remove the rods and style your hair and add some mousse on it. This technique gave my hair some volume.
From this experience, from a very nice hair (as a lot of people say but) with a very less to no maintenance at all, and now to a very high maintenance curly hair, I’m not sure on how long can I stand this, washing my hair at night and styling it to have a nicely perfect curly hair or to air dry it for some short time giving me some kind of waves.. Yet, I’m still not sure. But one thing is for sure right now, I like curls even if it’s just some waves on my hair. Maybe on my next perm I will choose some tighter curl, a medium one. So I don’t have to scrunch my hair drying it but just leave it as is.


  1. hey mommy G, i have wavy hair and i get japanese straight. lol. anyweiz, thought this no-chemical, no-heat, paper curl tutorial might work for you. check it out, and have fun (if ever you decide to try it) ;)

  2. Hi KM,thanks.gotta try this one.