Friday, 12 August 2011


Count Down to my dream vacation

August 13, 2011

I merely have 19 days to go before my dream vacation. And yet, I feel I’m still overweight and having a lot of excess baggage, my fats and flabby tummy and thighs. How I wish there is a miracle, I mean, overnight miracle that could make this tummy flat and these thighs lean.

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I have been hooked up with this group discounts sites like Metro deal. I’ve seen a lot of promos particularly for slimming and sculpting your body and make skin tight as well for as low as 250 pesos. So what we did is to purchase some of these promotions and set the schedule. We bought the RF slimming, skin tightening treatment.

August 6, 2011, is my first session. I purchase this for the thought that it’s indeed cheap and I feel like I’m having a lot of excess and flabby skin (because I gave birth already). I still don’t have any idea on how it is done. I waited for at least an hour in the clinic for my turn. And now, it’s my turn. The med rep told me to take off all metal things that I have like jewelries, wrist watch and even my belt. Then she asked to lie down. She started to treat my tummy. During my conversation with her, she asked me why I choose RF treatment instead of what they call LC treatment. And of course I said my reason. Then she told me that my tummy needs to take at least 10 sessions to improve. What’s on my mind is that I have only 6 vouchers that was good for 6 sessions only. And what am I going to do with my thighs?

At that time, I think a couple of times. I asked her how much does the LC treatment cost. She told me it’s around 1800 pesos. I told myself 250 versus the 1800, oh no, I don’t have the budget for that! She said that they had a promo for that once but it’s already expired.

The following day, one of my friends told me that she’ll be selling her vouchers for some reason. I got interested that I told her I’m willing to buy and we closed the deal.

And so my plan is to have 6 sessions each for my tummy and thigh.

2 days later, a promo was again published on Metro deal. They are now offering 300 pesos for the LC treatment. At that time, I’m not sure if I’ll still buy because I already had the deal with my friend. So on August 10, 2011, I had another session with them. A different med rep is assigned to me. Same with the first one, she recommends the LC treatment. I said there’s no promo anymore. But she told me they are still offering it over the counter. With LC treatment, I can lose up to 10 centimeters off my waist in one session according to her. In short I was convinced.

I will have another session on August 14, 2011. Let’s see what will happen.

My experience with the 2 RF sessions, my skin feels like it tighter. And my friends tell it to me too.

Why I want the LC: because I feel like I’m running out of time to remove these fats and don’t feel like I’ll be confident wearing a nice bikini on my vacation.

Today, what I did is to search for some helpful information on losing weight or slimming down faster and that for at least two weeks I’ll lost a few inches.

I already have a body sculpting plan. What I l currently don’t have were those exercise techniques and some dieting.

Hope that I’ll have a better body on my vacation.

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