Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Baby Care Tips - Preventing Diaper Rash

Just a few weeks after my baby was born, rashes developed in his nappy area.
I immediately consult it with his pediatrician.
I thought this will be prevented through talc (baby powder). To my surprise, there is now a cream available particularly for diaper rash. Its Drapolene Cream.
Just put on this cream to your baby's nappy area right every diaper change and that's it, existing rashes will disappear and this will be prevented from coming back.

Aside from diaper rash, I also used this product in his neck.
My baby is kinda chubby and his chin always touches his neck. There is no air flowing in this part of his skin. I noticed that rashes developed especially during hot and humid weather.
I tried to put on Drapolene Cream in his clean neck area every morning and night. Same with the diaper rash these all disappear.
For more information about Drapolene Cream, please follow the link http://www.gsk.com.hk/ProductPopUp.aspx?ID=193&ProductType=consumer_prd .
Hope this little information help new moms out there.

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