Thursday, 18 August 2011

Baby Care Tips - Baby Acne

Gareth, 6 weeks old

My baby was just 6 weeks old when a few spots appeared on his face. The next morning, these spots looks more like an acne. As a mom, a was so worried on how it really appeared on my baby's face. Everyday, these acne just get getting worse. I immediately consult this with his pediatrician. I thought that there would be some kind of a topical medications like cream will be recommended by his doctor.

To my surprise, it was just a Cetaphil cleanser. I will just wash his face every morning and night.
As a mom, I am also worried on how to use this product because this might get into his eyes.
Anyway, I still have to do it very carefully.
After 3 days, these pimples started to diminish.
Until today that he is 1 year and 1 month old, he is still using Cetaphil antibacterial cleanser.

Gareth, 8weeks old

Gareth 10 weeks old

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