Monday, 22 August 2011

Another 2 cms off my waist

yesterday just before the procedure
Yesterday was another session of my Lipo Cavitation and RF Slimming.
Again, I successfully loss around 2 centimeters on my waist.
I'm so glad about this new achievement.. :)
Though I felt like I loss enough fats, still my tummy is flabby.
I would say it really improve but still not flat. :(
Anyway, this is just my 2nd session.
Hopefully in the succeeding session, I'll achieve my dream flat tummy.

as of today :)
I hope that I'll be one of the endorsers of their clinic for me to be able to receive free treatments :) :) :)


  1. i like sexy tummy like this hehe...

  2. how many sessions in total?

  3. number of sessions defend on the size of the tummy. currently i have completed 4 sessions in total. I think this is pretty effective especially if you will do some diet and excercise. :)
    i have a weekly session for this one.

  4. chayook, hopefully you got your dream come true:)